April 2019 Ramblings

At the request of many customers, I started a monthly newsletter a while back.
Just a quick update on promotions, upcoming events, what I’m working on, & what’s happening with my life in general. It’s kind of evolved into a blog of sorts, so I figured ‘what the heck?’ & decided to post it on here as well! To be added to my list, simply email me & request it: BluebirdDesignsByBex@gmail.com
(or just check this space at the beginning of each month!)
Anyway, here’s what I wrote for April 2019…

Happy April, my friends!

Mr T

Here’s what’s happening in my world….

Lots to look forward to in the weeks ahead! In addition to my usual classes, I’ll also be visiting several local preschools during “The Week of the Young Child” for crafts, games & story time. I have a few exciting personal projects in the works & some potentially beneficial opportunities on the horizon too. And yes… that IS a little Wallace Shawn pictured on the 27th! My best friend & I are planning to drive to D.C. for Awesome Con to meet a few cast members of my FAVORITE movie, The Princess Bride! Cannot freakin’ wait! I am a giant dork.
Princess Bride
Anywho… a lot has happened since I last checked in with you guys!
I went to Hawaii… although it wasn’t QUITE as magical & relaxing as I’d hoped. 
I was hit with the stinkin’ flu on DAY ONE & spent 3 days in bed, praying for death. Even after my fever broke & I got up to rejoin the others, I was still really dragging & not a fun person at all. But the island was GORGEOUS, the weather was lovely, & I’m so grateful for the time with my family!
Also… a valuable life lesson I’ll share: don’t mix Mai Tai’s and Sudafed. Just sayin’.
When I returned to work, I had a lot of cool custom orders to tackle. Some portraits, illustrations, & a couple logos. One of those logo requests was for Harper’s Haven Boutique….
Harpers Haven
After chatting with the owner, Jacinda, we concluded that a collaboration was in order! We arranged to combine my ART with her custom t-shirt designs. She plans to release a new design every Monday. Yesterday was her 1st. I’m excited she chose this one! As my man Pee Wee would say: “I love it so much I could marry it!”
Harper’s Haven can be found on Facebook and ETSY!
Another cool thing is that my buddies at Jenkies’ Joint recently won the Chamber of Commerce & Planning Commission’s COMMUNITY SPIRIT AWARD! I am honored to have played my small role in making that happen. So proud of Eric & Amanda! If you haven’t stopped in to sample their delicious menu & check out my art yet…. please do!
More news I’d like to mention is that I spent ALL stupid DAY yesterday adding new prints to my online SHOP! Many of them have been hand embellished with touches of iridescent glitter or acrylic paint. And if you WANT a print to be embellished but the description doesn’t mention it, just write a note with your order saying so & I’ll dazzle it up for ya! No sweat! No extra charge! There are several pages of art & class tickets, so please be sure to tap “more products” at the bottom of the screen so ya don’t miss anything!
ALSO…. I was just wondering if it’s acceptable to take maternity leave from work because my DUCK had babies. ha ha! Is that a thing? Cause I want it to be! 
Last Monday, theeeeeese little cuties entered the world.
One in particular (that couldn’t keep up with the others) thinks I’m mama duck & I’m ok with that. As I type this he/she/it is asleep in the hood of my sweatshirt. It’s good for my soul. Duckling therapy cures all. Well…. except the bird flu, I suppose.


Ok, that’s all for now, my friends! Thanks for tolerating another installment of my ramblings. I hope to see or hear from you soon! If you have any questions about anything mentioned in this update OR would like to HOST a Bluebird Designs event of your own, please let me know! 
Take care!