May 2019

Hello again, friends! Happy May!

Here’s a peek at this month’s events…

Calendar May 2019
A little sparse towards the end of the month, but I’m not going to force it. I know this is a busy time of year for people with sports & graduations & getaways. Plus I have plenty of orders & side projects lined up to keep me busy behind-the-scenes, so it’s all good. (Right?) I can’t tell if I’m being easy-going or if my mind is just so overloaded that I don’t care anymore. Fine line. And I’m using it as a jump rope.
Anyway… if you see anything on this calendar that catches your eye, please visit my website’s home page for details. There’s still plenty of room in this Saturday’s Star Wars themed class at Jenkies’ Joint! Where mah nerds at? Eric & Zane will be creating special menu items like Wookie Cookies & Hoth Chocolate to accompany our art. You can reserve your spot online HERE.
ad JENKIES StarWars
The rest of this month’s classes are cash-at-the-door, I believe.
A service I wasn’t PLANNING to offer, but spontaneously decided to schedule is an Acrylic Paint Pouring workshop on Friday, May 10th.
A few weeks ago, my son Dylan saw his favorite YouTubers try it on their channel & asked if we could give it a shot. I recorded our experiment, which lead to several Facebook followers requesting a class.
If it looks like fun, please come see us at ReKlaimed Vines next Friday!
It won’t be a formal, structured, class. Just pop in ANYTIME between 4pm & 8pm to give it a try.  ALL AGES & skill levels are welcome! Paint ONE & hit the road or stay a while & make several! I’ll also have an assortment of glassware available to paint if you’d like to do that **instead of** or **in addition to** the paint pouring!
I also have a special Mother’s Day class scheduled for Saturday the 11th at my pal, Andrea’s studio. 2 canvases that make one full scene. Perfect for moms & their kiddos, but doesn’t HAVE to be limited to moms! Perfect for Dads, Grandmas, Besties, Sweethearts, Two siblings collaborating to make a special GIFT….. or just pay for ONE canvas &create solo! All are welcome. Plenty of room left.
Ad AC Darby MAY
Hmmm…. what else should I mention?
Oh yeah… I’m still collaborating with Jacinda from Harper’s Haven Boutique. She’s used my art to come up with some really cute t-shirt designs & will continue to release new ones!
You can find her on facebook & Etsy
I especially love her latest, which I had no idea she was doing & it made me laugh so so much….
Speaking of ducks…. remember that baby ducky I told you about last month? The one that was indoors “temporarily”? Well…. we call her Chloe. She’s still inside. And getting BIG.
And because I’m either a GENIUS or descending into madness (I can’t decide which) I figured out how to make a DIAPER for her using cut up SOCKS lined with maxi-pads. She just runs around the house like one of the dogs & follows me everywhere like I’m Mama duck!
I love her more than any human that is currently in my life.
Ok. Exaggerating that last part.
But she’s definitely in the top 3.
How do I get her certified as my emotional support animal?
She has truly been a comfort for me over these past few difficult weeks.
On April 11th, my Grandma Jean passed away.
 We were very close & losing her hit me hard. It’s honestly the reason I don’t have much ART to show for this month & didn’t pursue booking events like I usually do. I tried to work….I honestly did… but I’d end up just staring at my desk for a long time, then giving up. I did a lot of Netflixing & crying though. I’ve become quite good at that. Should I offer a class on it?
My first art show ever was on Grandma Jean’s porch, strung up with clothes pins. She never minded the artsy messes I’d make & never got mad when I’d cut up all of her trash bags to make dresses while playing ‘fashion designer’.
She was one of the most influential women in my life. Definitely my biggest fan. She thought I was the best artist in the world… even before I was any good.
I’m having a really hard time adjusting to a world that won’t include her rambling voicemails & silly songs & funny sayings. I miss her terribly.
Airplane art
A doodle from the flight home Easter morning.
Wow. What a downer I am.
How about some GOOD NEWS?!
Last Saturday I attended Awesome Con with my bestie & got to meet 3 cast members of The Princess Bride!! Cary Elwes (Westley). Chris Sarandon (Prince Humperdinck./also voiced Jack Skellington in Nightmare Before Christmas!!!). And Wallace Shawn (Vizzini: “INCONCEIVABLE!”)I made these shoes & requested that they sign them….
I figured they’d be polite about my art, but I had NO IDEA I’d get the reaction I ended up getting! Shockingly, they all RAVED about my work! Especially Cary Elwes who asked for my contact information so that he may acquire a pair of his own!


So far, my phone hasn’t rung, but every time it does, I have a mini heart attack!
He disappeared with my shoes & came back with Chris Sarandon, who took photos, chatted a while, & also seemed interested in getting my information off of Cary…. so…. I dunno…. we’ll see what happens!!
Probably nothing.
But, holy crap, what if it DOES?!
Wallace Shawn was very sweet to chat with as well. He held up the line, laughing with Kammi & I, for about 10-15 minutes! Such a nice man!Here are a few photos from our day. I wasn’t READY in the 1st one so I look unpleasant, even though I was quite elated.

And a few more…

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to meet them AND for the mental/emotional boost that encounter gave me. Not to mention the time spent with good friends. I’m trying REALLY HARD to perk back up & find “me” again. I’ve gotten more done this week alone than in all of last month put together. I have lots of ideas for paintings swirling in my brain & a few collaborations that I can’t mention yet but am excited to unveil!

Be patient with me, friends. And if anybody wants to book my services, I’m a giant loser with plenty of availability. ha ha
Contact me if you’d like to discuss a fundraiserprivate eventprivate lesson or request custom art. (814)448-3664.
Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hope to see you soon!