Call For Sponsors… again!


Thank you to those who have donated to my mural and the pool. The deadline for sponsorships has passed. I start painting Monday, July 13th.






Saturday morning I made a post, revealing my plans to paint a mural at the Three Springs Community Pool. I also sent out a call for sponsors, inviting anyone in the community who would like to participate, to show their support and be featured on the wall in return! The response was overwhelming and I am truly grateful!

I don’t want to give this issue anymore steam, but unfortunately, ONE Negative Nelly tried to rain on my parade and it appeared my mural would be cancelled as a result. However, I am VERY pleased to announce that the Three Springs Borough Council voted in my favor last night and the project is BACK ON!!!

Thank you to EVERYONE who stepped up for me and for the good of the community.

Now let’s get back to fundraising!

As I mentioned a few days ago, I’ve been approached by management of the Three Springs Pool to paint a mural as a way to celebrate their 50th anniversary. I will not be charging them for my time. However, a call for community sponsors seemed like the perfect way to be compensated for my work, involve the community, feature local businesses, and not cost the pool or borough a dime. Everybody wins!

There are several ways to become a sponsor….

Platinum Sponsorship- $500… Company name AND an illustrated representation of your business prominently included within the art. This could mean your logo OR some kind of symbol to represent what you do. For example: a piggy bank or treasure chest could represent a local bank. Your famous dish or beverage if you’re a restaurant. A tool or car for a garage… you get the point!

Gold Sponsorship- $250… Your group, family or business’ name written in large, bold print, worked into my design. Most likely a strand of long, flowing hair. About 12 inches tall.

Silver Sponsorship- $125… Your group, family, or business’ name worked into my design in medium-sized bold print. About 6 inches tall.

Friends- $50… Business, group, or individual’s name in smaller print. Around 3 inches tall.

*NEW OPTION* suggested by a supporter, A Commemorative FISH!- $40… A small fishy friend worked into my design. In honor of someone. In memory of someone. Or just because! Name included, of course. The size….???? I’ll have to decide that as I PAINT. It really depends on HOW MANY of them I end up needing to work into my art!

Receiving donations by FRIDAY, JULY 12th would be wonderful.

Pay online or by mail. Checks can be made payable to BLUEBIRD DESIGNS.


The original plan to start was supposed to be Monday, July 8th. However, because of losing those 3 crucial days of fundraising, I’m going to bump it back a week. Again, donations received BEFORE July 12th would be amazing.

Come swim and check out the mural’s progress in the coming weeks, but ESPECIALLY remember to visit on Sunday, August 18th at 2pm! It’s the pool’s last day for the summer. Swim FREE of charge and celebrate with us!

Thank you for your consideration and your support. The community pool belongs to the community! I’m excited to get to work!




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