February 2020

Hey there, friends!

I usually try to do this updatey, bloggity thing at the beginning of each month, but I just haven’t had time (and when I DO have the time, I can’t seem to find the motivation!) So I’ll keep this as short as possible… we’ve all got stuff to do!

HOWEVERRRRRR, if you don’t have stuff to do TONIGHT (Thursday, Jan 13th) I’d love for you to grab your sweetheart or your bestie & paint with me at Jenkies’ Joint!

AD Couples' Class at Jenkies' Joint!

You may have seen me awkwardly promote this on Studio 814 Monday afternoon…

Ooof. That was rough. Purposely not including the link cause I’ve been cringing at myself ever since. But hey… I survived! And was grateful for the opportunity to showcase my business on the air. Jordan Tracy was always my favorite morning news anchor, so it was very cool that I got to paint with him on his afternoon show!

Anywhooooo, here are the rest of my events…

And I have a few other classes in the works, so keep checking this site or my facebook page for updates!

You can also follow me on Instagram @BluebirdDesignsByBex. As much as I was DREADING that addition (I despise social media), it’s actually not so terrible. You don’t see as much petty, negative b.s. as ya do on facebook…. it’s there, don’t get me wrong… but you just don’t SEE it unless you look for it (which I do not!).

Add a heading

As always, I want to quickly promote the Winter Fireplace Getaways promotion I’m doing with the visitor’s bureau! So far I’ve only had one booking and it was the most fun I’ve EVER had teaching. SUCH a sweet and hilarious group of dudes at the lovely Bear’s Paw Lodge in Huntingdon! Offer available til the end of March, so check it out while ya still can!

And of course there’s NO-K 2020 I’m helping my podcasting babes coordinate! We had a fun little planning session last month… which basically just turned into a lot of drinking and skyping with our OTHER podcast pals, Moms & Mayhem! Save the date: June 6th! Tickets are $35 and you can buy them ***HERE!***

Speaking of doin’ a little drankin’….. have you been to ReKlaimed Vines lately? They’re giving their tasting room a face lift and I did some work for them last week. Also really excited to report that my favorite of their wines, Raystown Red is back in stock and now features MY ART! So cool to see MY art on MY wine! More new label art and tasty flavor blends will be released soooooon! Stay tuned!

Other than that, not much else to report. I’m still pretty slammed with orders, so I’ve been working my way through my To-Do list. Not accepting new projects or commissions until I get caught up a bit! Here are a few of my latest creations…

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read this. If you’re interested in hosting your own private event or fundraiser, contact me for more information!

(814)907-2267           BluebirdDesignsByBex@gmail.com

Hope to see ya soon!


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