March 2020

Hello again, friends! Only a week late this time around! Not too shabby. Since it hasn’t been that long between updates, I can probably keep this nice and short!

First things first… here are my upcoming classes!

New events are always being added AND I have plenty of flexibility if you’d like to host your own private event or fundraiser. Here’s what my date book looks like so far if you’re curious about availability…

See those palm trees at the beginning of next month? Ohhh yeahhhhh! Looking forward to a mini Key West getaway with my mom & niece! I am definitely in need of a little sunshine & silliness! Last time we took a trip together, I got the flu on DAY ONE & spent most of the time in bed, dying. Time for a Do-Over! Coronavirus better stay outta my way!

March Blog1

Til then, I’m spending most of my time wrapping up custom orders, trying to make a few of my own creations & taking on nursing duties for a friend who got dealt a really crappy hand. Thoughts, prayers & all positive vibes are welcome for the weeks ahead as we navigate his illness.

But on a more pleasant note, this is ALSO happening in the weeks ahead…..

I’m finally ready to make my dream studio a reality!

This building came with our house & has sat vacant & dilapidated for years. I’ve fantasized about making it a studio ever since we moved in, but never had the time or money to follow through with that daydream. It needs a LOT of help & feels pretty overwhelming at the moment… but I have a vision! So please know that every time you attend a class or buy a painting, you’re getting me one tiny step closer to making my dream come true! It won’t be a public shop, classroom, or gallery. Just the nice, roomy, professional work space & office I desperately need! I’ve outgrown my current art room & anyone who works from home knows how challenging it can be to separate home life from business. One always seems to creep into the other! Excited to finally make this happen!

And YOU’RE probably excited that the Winter Fireplace Getaways promotion is almost over so I don’t have to keep telling you about it. This is the last time. I swear!

Promotion ends soon!

If you’re in the mood for a spontaneous adventure, you have until the end of the month to take advantage of this great deal! Visit to book your stay & FREE ‘experience’ package.

And of course I always wanna pimp out the No-K 2020 as well! Get your tickets **HERE!** 

No K tickets

That’s all I’ve got for now. Here are a few recent creations & some general stuff from every day life! I’m feeling so inspired lately, I might just spontaneously combust from idea overload.

Please contact me if you have any questions, want to schedule a paint session, attend a class, or place an order! Hope to see ya soon!

Love, BEX


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