April 2020

Hey you guys! Sooooo, this global pandemic sure is annoying, huh? The world has completely changed in the few weeks since my last Pre-Covid update. Feels like forever ago, doesn’t it?

So here’s the part where I tell you about all of my exciting upcoming classes…..


…… okay, DONE!

Sorry. I got nothin’. Tough times for us non-essential dum-dums.

As someone who earns around 85% of her income through well attended public events, this definitely stinks for me! Sooooo, if you’ve ever considered purchasing one of my art prints or owning an original piece, now would sure be a swell time to follow that dream!

Just sayin’.

Here are a few recent Quarantine Creations.


More printsWhile the responsible business lady side of my brain is reasonably concerned, I must admit that the introverted, reclusive, hermit crab side is REJOICING!! Other than being broke as a joke, worrying about my fellow small business owners & the health of my loved ones…. this is my DREAM! I was self isolating WAY before it was trendy.


Oh & speaking of hermit crabs… help yourself to these free printable coloring pages if you’re bored!

I posted them to my Facebook page Wednesday night & they were a hit! Then Friday morning the Daily News asked to use one in a future issue (look for that Tuesday, April 7th). I’ll be making them a new coloring page every week until our restrictions lift. I hope you enjoy them!


I’ve had numerous requests for online classes over the past few weeks. My answer was always NOOOOOOOO. I’m not the most tech savvy, I’m awkward on camera, & it just seemed like more stress than it was worth! BUT since this plague appears to be going on indefinitely, I had to rethink my stance…

Yesterday I did a trial run of a ZOOM class with the Jenkins family & it went really well! I still don’t know if I feel comfortable enough to try it with strangers or a large group, BUT if you’re one of my frequent flyers & you’re starting to miss me…. I got you! It would be EASIEST if you have your OWN supplies (& you’d get a discount, of course) but if you’re local, we could probably arrange for pick-up or delivery of materials if needed. I live in Saltillo. Contact me if you’re interested in scheduling a private session!

I guess there’s not much else to report! Even though the world may be closed, I’ve been quite busy! I have a long list of custom orders to work my way through & several ideas of my own that I’ve been waiting for a chance to tackle.

These are stressful times all around. As I sit & worry about being a non-essential small business & joke about my love of social distancing, I also realize that ACTUALLY BEING ESSENTIAL comes with it’s own set of troubles. So if you’re reading this & YOU are one of the brave souls who face the madness head-on every day…. We all appreciate your dedication & courage. So, thank you for keeping at it.

April Thank you

I’m hoping we can ALL get back to work soon. Til then, I’m trying my best to stay optimistic & appreciate this gift of TIME so many of us have been given.

Time to reevaluate our priorities, slow down a bit & form healthier habits.


My mom always said that when I was little, sending me to my room was never a good punishment because I like being alone too much.  Mom who I am NOT on a Key West beach with right now….. Stupid Coronavirus!

Take care everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read this. I miss you guys.


Love, BEX

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