Fundraiser policies updated

Here’s how this works…

This is lengthy but informative, so please read this entire thing if you’re planning to book with me!

  • Fundraisers are now $30 per painter.
  • $20 of that goes to me. The remaining $10 will go to your cause. (YES, it used to be more. However, the change was necessary… especially in this economy. It just didn’t make financial sense to give away such a large portion of my income.)
  • For local classes (within or close-to the Huntingdon County area), I usually ask for a MINIMUM of 15 painters for a fundraiser. If I’m traveling further, I may require more participants or need to adjust the price accordingly. So far, the maximum number of painters I’ve handled is 70… so bring it on, you guys!
  • If you have less than 15 painters, the remainder of my fee will need to be subtracted from your profits. I do not travel for less than 10 painters. (I know, I know. I’m such a diva.)
  • ALL GUESTS MUST PREPAY! Another rule I’ve had to be strict about lately because I am SO SICK of no-shows! If a guest pays you & doesn’t show, we count their payment as if they did: I get my portion. You get yours. All sales are final unless the event is cancelled.
  • Painting selection is up to you. I have an album of choices here on my website for you to browse & choose from. Sometimes I take special requests if you have a certain idea in mind & I have time to create it. I don’t like copying another artist’s work but have no problem creating my own version of that idea.
  • My weekend spots are usually the 1st to go. Keep this in mind when attempting to book my services. Several weeks notice is best if you have a certain date in mind. 1st come; 1st served.
  • Once you look over my policies & agree to these terms, we can discuss dates/specifics in further detail & select your painting. Once all that is settled, I’ll make an ad/invitation for you to share. I typically ask these questions: LET'S CREATE YOUR AD!
  • Classes usually take around 2 hours. I need about 30-40 mins to set up my supplies (depending on class size) and the same amount of time to pack up.

Your responsibility…

  • Reserve & pay for the event’s location.
  • Provide refreshments if desired.
  • As mentioned above… IF you decide to take on the responsibility of handling ALL or SOME of the R.S.V.P.s, guests MUST pre-pay. So be sure to collect their payment before adding them to the official guest list.
  • If you’d like actual prints of the ad I design for you, that task is up to you. Take it to a local print shop OR I can make an alternate, more printer-friendly version with less color for you to print at home. Just ask!
  • Arrange tables/seating before I arrive & lay out table coverings if you’d like them. (Not required but some venues prefer covered tables.)

Arranging tables (1)

My responsibility…

  • I provide the canvas, (usually 11×14 unless we’ve discussed otherwise), step-by-step instruction, & all other materials, (acrylic paint, easels, brushes, aprons, rags, cups, etc)
  • Design an ad & share that ad on my Bluebird Designs facebook page & website (unless you don’t want me to. I’ll be sure to ask.)
  • Create a link for online sales IF YOU WANT THAT… honestly, it’s easier on both of us if you DO allow online payments. The money goes to me & I pay you your portion on the evening of the event.

Additional ramblings…

  • Did I mention guests must prepay? Cause they totally DO! Trust me… it’s for your benefit AND mine! A lesson I had to learn the hard way. People have commitment issues & will leave you hangin’ every time if you let them. In order for us BOTH to be organized & prepared for your event, we need a reliable head count. Be strict. Blame the mean artist-lady if you need to!
  • All ages & skill levels are welcome. I just ask that any young children be supervised. I’m an arteeest, not your babysitter!
  • Same price for kids & adults. 
  • I have a rewards program (paint with me 4 times and you get $10 off your 5th). I also sell gift certificates. If any of your guests tell you theirs is free or discounted, please save their card: you still get your money, I just don’t get mine. (we can discuss at your party if there’s any confusion.)


  • If I need to cancel on you due to sickness, family emergency, or inclement weather, we will simply reschedule. Anyone who has already prepaid will automatically have a place reserved in the next class. If they are unable to attend that newly selected date, I’ll refund their payment.

I’m sorry this list is so long! Keep in mind that I’m STILL way more relaxed than most other businesses who provide similar services. I do not demand a down payment or make you sign a contract (even though a responsible business lady probably would!) So…. you know… be cool, you guys! Ok? Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I’ll certainly try my best to accommodate your needs! Thank you so much for your interest! Let’s paint!

Rebecca Reck *


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