Host at YOUR Public Venue

Would you like me to visit your business or public venue? Let’s schedule a paint night at your bar, restaurant, cafe, or shop!


Usually, that’s $30 per painter. $20 each goes to me & the remaining $10, I can pass on to you as a thank you for hosting. (& hopefully participants will order drinks/appetizers/etc. if you’re a restaurant or bar!) If you’d like to adjust the price or offer a special promo, I’d be happy to discuss!

I require a minimum of 10 painters to move forward. Anything less simply isn’t worth my time/travel. If we do not reach our attendance goal, I mayyyy need to cancel.

If you’d like your event to be a fundraiser, you can find info about that HERE. And if you do NOT want to extend the invitation to the general public, you can learn about Private Parties HERE.

Classes USUALLY take about 2 hours. Sometimes a little more. Sometimes a little less, depending on the cooperation of the group. I need about 30-40 minutes to set up my supplies & about the same amount of time to pack up.

My responsibility:

  • Create an ad featuring class details & post on my website & social media.
  • Create a link for online sales & handle all RSVP’s.
  • Provide all materials needed. 11×14 canvas, brush bundles, aprons, paint plates, water cups, paints, etc.
  • Step-by-step instruction.
  • Set up & tear down.

Your responsibility:

  • Select which painting we’ll do (if you have a preference) if not, I will happily choose for us! I’ve got an album full of options HERE.
  • Arrange tables (if needed) before I arrive. (set up suggestions posted below)
  • Provide plastic table cloths or newspaper if you’re concerned with drips or splatters. (Or tell me ahead of time if the tables are round or rectangular & I’ll grab some) Totally optional. I use water based acrylic paints which are EASILY wiped up in the case of a mishap.
  • If you’re NOT a food establishment, you may want to consider a few light refreshments. NOT REQUIRED. Just something hosts occasionally do.
  • Tell me all the info I need to create our ad….

Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for your interest!

Arranging tables (1)

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