“HASHTAG BLESSED” Kam’s artsy-fartsy b-day adventure!

Yesterday, my ladies & I traveled to the magical land of Pittsburgh to celebrate the joyous birth of our sweet Sparkle!


An occasion made even more special by the addition of native Pittsburgher & all-around-cool-chick, Eileen: one of Kammi’s dearest friends. So happy she could join us…. Even HAPPIER that she brought us all presents! Check out these super cute earrings by molliPOP Design!


I don’t wear earrings often because they tend to irritate my ears, but these are so lightweight & lovely, I forgot I even had them on. I predict I’ll be treating myself to another pair or two (& a bracelet to match!) Thank you, Eileen!

Anyway, our first stop was The Andy Warhol Museum

…then The Mattress Factory

… Then, after a few drinks & a quick bite at the local pub, we wandered a few blocks over to Randyland, which was incredible! We even got to meet the artist, Randy Gilson, who is such a goofball & a sweetheart. What a delightfully strange, unique experience. Loved it!

An escape from reality, some crazy art, my even crazier friends, & a few laughs were exactly what I needed in my life. Hoping our birthday babe is feeling just as satisfied since she’s the reason we’re celebrating! We sure do love that girl. Happy birthday, Kam-bone!