“Pee Wee Herman” (print)


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This print is just shy of 11×14 on cardstock. Shipping (within the US) is included in price.

“Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Pee Wee speaking!” Who else thought P.W.’s picture phone was the coolest thing ever when they were little? Pee Wee has always been very special to me. He was one of the greatest joys of my childhood & was a major influence on the creative adult I grew into. I painted this portrait in 2021 when my family bought me a ZOOM chat with Pee Wee for my 40th birthday! I even made a little tin can earpiece to pretend we were on the picture phone. He loved it! The call was supposed to be 30 minutes long, but we spoke for an hour about… everything! He was so sweet & kind & humble BOTH times I got to meet him (previously met in person 2018, I think?) & he even followed me on instagram!

I was absolutely devastated when Mr. Reubens’ passing was announced (July 30, 2023). But it was so amazing to see all of the touching tributes that followed, showing how loved he was & how cherished he was to so many. There will never be another like him.